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RNAlater solution



  • immediately inactivates RNases and stabilizes RNA within tissues or cells
  • no need to freeze samples in liquid nitrogen
  • eliminate the need to immediately process tissue samples
  • compatible with many RNA isolation procedures
  • A non-toxic solution permits downstream tissue processing
  • Stabilizes samples at room temperature

Total RNA Extraction mini kit

  • No risk or enzymatic inhibition by phenol/chloroform
  • Removes proteins and nucleases from cells
  • Up to 100 ug RNA; OD 260/280 ratio between 1.9 to 2.1
  • Specific protocol for total RNA extraction from sperm
  • RNA is suitable for downstream applications such as reverse transcription and other enzymatic reactions

Paraffin fixed tissue DNA Extraction Micro Kit

Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit is an excellent tool offering a speedy and economic method to purify total DNA from several types of animal tissue. This technology first lyses cells and degrades protein by using a chaotropic salt and Proteinase K, then binds DNA to silica-based membranes, washes DNA with ethanol contained wash buffer and then elutes purified DNA by low salt elution buffer or ddH O. Compare with other harmful and time- consuming procedures, this kit shortens the handling time within 1 hour (lysis time varies depending on the type of tissue processed.). After using this kit, the high quality total DNA can be used directly for the down-stream applications.

You can also refer to Tissue genomic DNA extraction mini kit.

miRNA Isolation Kit


  • Isolate and extract high quality & purity miRNA in 30 minutes
  • Specifically designed for purification of small RNA with minimal contamination from large RNA molecules or genomic DNA
  • No risk or enzymatic inhibition by phenol/chloroform
  • miRNA is suitable for downstream applications

Plasmid Extraction Maxi kit

Features :

  • High yields of plasmid DNA
  • Rapid extraction and purification in less than 150 min
  • Formulated without phenol/chloroform
  • Plasmid DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications

Plasmid Extraction Mini Kit


  • Ready-to-use purified DNA
  • High yields of pure plasmid DNA suitable for all applications
  • Rapid extraction and purification in less than 25 min

Stool DNA Extraction kit

  • Eliminates PCR inhibitors including humic acids
  • High quality DNA for sensitive downstream applications such as PCR and other enzymatic reactions
  • Extract genomic DNA from stool samples
  • Ready -to -use DNA

Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit


  • optimized spin-column design and buffer formulation for better yield and purity
  • Wide range of applications for different tissue types with unique protocols.
  • A time-efficient method to extract genomic DNA
  • Ready to use in multiple applications (qPCR, DNA-seq, genotyping, among others).